Some of the most popular questions regarding cannabis revolve around its safety, usage, legality, and dosing guide. While there’s no doubt about the fact that people use cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. There are a few questions that people are either afraid or embarrassed to ask. Possibly because cannabis is still viewed under the light of an illegal drug. All thanks to the illegal status of cannabis on the federal level. 

However, cannabis image and reputation have changed in the past few years. It is now legal in several states. Medical marijuana is legal in more than 30 states and recreational cannabis is legal in 11 US states. Plus, cannabis has received a lot of recognition over the past few years. If we look at the statistics, more than 3.7 million medical marijuana patients use cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of different medical conditions. 

At the onset, it was quite difficult to get a medical marijuana card for cannabis treatment. Things changed when CBD was recognized by doctors and patients and doctors around the world. In fact, a medical marijuana doctor could provide cannabis recommendations to several patients. The only difference is that now the process has become much faster, easier, and convenient. But with all the success and validation, marijuana also comes under the radar of speculation. People who do not use cannabis still believe that the medical properties of cannabis are used as an excuse to get high. And that is not true. We have studies that say otherwise and we will help you learn the answer to some ambiguous questions you are embarrassed to ask. Read on to find out. 

Describe A Cannabis High?


This is one of the most common questions, yet new people are too embarrassed to ask these questions. The shyness or embarrassment comes as a result of stigmatization surrounding cannabis. While some people are not afraid to ask such questions, newcomers definitely have apprehensions regarding what society will think. This is where we come in. we will help you learn the answer to every question that you have in mind. Don’t forget to leave your question in the comment section below. 

That said, now let us help new cannabis seekers learn how a cannabis high feels. Generally speaking, the side effects of cannabis are often associated with marijuana high. But that’s not true. From personal experience and from the experience my friends have had, I can say that a cannabis high is very different from side effects. You see, there is a very thin line difference between the aforementioned statements. The side effects show when you overdose on cannabis or your body is allergic to it. In that case, you will feel a little dizzy, nauseated, or end up with a dry mouth. 

In contrast, anyone who is experienced will tell you that a cannabis high causes high emotions. At one moment you will have a very deep conversation with your friend while on the other hand, you will laugh a lot for no reason. Ideally, people are under the impression that a cannabis high is very similar to that of an alcohol high. Yes, that’s true, but the only exception is that under the influence of cannabis your mind is focused and controlled. 

What Is A Marijuana Strain?

Not all strains were created equal. Cultivators and cannabis experts engineer strains to produce different ratios of THC and CBD. While some of them are THC high, others are CBD rich. You can find the potency of the strain through the label or a lab report. We prefer that you read a label report because these days some companies label the products for the sake of it. According to a Forbes report, most products have different ratios of THC and CBD ratios than what the label reads. For instance, in one lab test, it was found out that the bottle label read CBD: THC ratio is 1:1. On the other hand, on conducting a few tests, the report suggested that the bottle consisted of more THC than what was mentioned on the bottle. So, make sure you buy the right kind of product and check the lab reports when required. 

In order to identify the strain situation. Always keep one thing in mind cannabis strains come from both Indica and Sativa plants. Interestingly, most strains are a combination of two, making each a hybrid. The best way to recognize the high of a strain- ask your budtender and purchase your strain from a trustworthy and well-known brand. Also, let them know everything about the high you want to experience. 

Are Vaping And Smoking The Same Thing?

I am sure the pandemic has forced you to stop smoking or vaping. After all, the coronavirus is a respiratory illness and smoking cannabis can put you at risk of contraction. So, consuming cannabis in different forms is your safest bet right now. However, to answer the question, we have a few points you need to take note of. For example, smoking includes burning the flower or bud to inhale cannabis components. On the other hand, vaping does the same for you. The only difference is that smoking involves rolling or packing cannabis and in case of vaping you enjoy the freedom of using a device without having to do any of the hard work. Another difference is that during vaping you utilize every bit of the cannabinoids. In contrast, while smoking a flower you tend to leave a lot of residues behind. 

Is Cannabis Completely Legal In The US?

Cannabis Bud Berries

No, cannabis is not fully legal yet. The mayors, a few senators, and cannabis supporters are pushing for complete legalization, but cannabis is still illegal at the federal level and in many states. Moreover, as a cannabis user here’s what you need to learn. Cannabis is used for both medical and recreational purposes. That’s why medical cannabis is legal in the majority of the states. On the other hand, recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states. 

Some states have legalized both while others have legalized medical marijuana. This is to say that check with your state law before getting yourself into the cannabis business. It will also help you understand how you can possess, use, and consume cannabis in your state. For example, by educating yourself you will learn whether or not you can purchase cannabis without getting a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor. All in all, cannabis is not fully legal, choose, and think wisely. 

Can Cannabis Deteriorate My Health?

If you Google Cannabis, you will find a lot of mixed opinions. Some will show you that cannabis is not good for your health and others will show that cannabis can have a positive impact on your life. Experts and mainstream doctors think that regular use of cannabis can cause serious harm to the functioning of the brain. But we also have a bunch of studies that prove cannabis can help treat medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. The bottom line is that take the help of a medical marijuana doctor before consuming cannabis.