Cannabis is a very unique plant. And it affects almost everyone differently. 

But why exactly does this happen?

When you are consuming cannabis with your friends, you may often come across a situation where some of your friends may get totally stoned after taking a few puffs. While others may be able to do a headstand after consuming even double the amount. The effects of marijuana can be so contrasting sometimes.

420 doctors believe that there may be several reasons for this phenomenon. And learning about these reasons may help you a lot, especially if you are trying to get a medical marijuana card. Having knowledge of how you can control the effects of your cannabis can come in really handy and may help you create just the right environment to help you manage your medical condition in the best way possible.

So, let’s not wait and jump right to learning what are some of the factors that may influence your marijuana high.

Your Set and Setting

Cannabis Smoothie

When you are consuming marijuana, the environment in which you are smoking has a very crucial role to play in determining your high and the overall experience. And thus, you should never take the set and setting lightly. You probably have had an experience when you get two different types of highs on two different days even if you are smoking the same strain. 

But have you ever asked yourselves why this happened? Probably not.

So the next time you have a similar experience, try to remember what was different the last time. Was it that you were in a different mood? Were you with different people? Or maybe at a different place? Were you happy and relaxed? Or were you anxious and tensed? Were you with a limited number of people? Or were your out somewhere in a crowd?

Different scenarios while smoking cannabis may induce some extremely different effects on you. Therefore, it’s very important that you are in a comfortable space whenever you are indulging. Try to find out which type of environment makes you anxious and try to keep such a setting at bay.

Method of Delivery

The cannabis industry is filled with different ways of consuming the herb. You can smoke it, eat it as edibles, or even apply it directly to your skin as tinctures. However, each delivery method tends to induce different effects. For instance, eating cannabis chocolate and taking a puff off a blunt will have quite different effects on your body. This is because your body metabolizes cannabis from each delivery method differently. Furthermore, the amount you usually consume via each way is also different. For example, when you are consuming edibles, the amount you consume is usually more as compared to smoking. Moreover, edibles metabolize in your GI tract. This means the cannabinoids here take longer to reach your brain as compared to smoking, in which they take only a few minutes.

Controlling your dosage is also a lot easier with certain methods than others. For instance, measuring how much cannabis you are consuming is a lot easier with vaping as compared to edibles. In addition to this, dabbing is a more potent way of consuming the herb than smoking a joint.

All the above factors play a role in determining the effects of cannabis on you. Thus, it’s important that you know your limits with each method.


Dosage with cannabis can be quite tricky, especially with edibles or if you are trying a new strain. Experts believe that whenever you find yourself in such a situation, you must start with a low dosage and keep it slow.

Dosage can, in fact, be considered one of the most important factors in determining the quality of your high. If your dose is too less, you won’t feel anything. And if it’s too much, you may end up sinking in your couch waiting for the high to end as soon as possible. And trust me, you don’t want to be there. 

Having said that, you must understand the dosage structure of cannabis before you consume it. Hitting the sweet center spot, and for that to happen, knowing where exactly it is, can help you make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Chemical Profile of the Strain

Cannabis Plant

The chemical or the cannabinoid profile is also a very important factor when it comes to how the effects of your marijuana will be on you. For instance, for some people, THC is the thing that they crave for the most. They need marijuana to get high. However, others may not like this feeling as much. For them, the effects of too much THC may not be as enjoyable but instead anxiety-inducing.

There are many other cannabinoids present in marijuana, such as CBD, CBN, etc. And you should note that the cannabinoid profile can vary significantly depending upon the strain you are consuming. So, first of all, it’s important for you to be aware of how each cannabinoid affects you. And to find this out, you need to do a little bit of experimentation. Once you are up with the knowledge of each cannabinoid, you need to find the strain that carries the chemicals that suit you. This way, you’d be able to obtain the effects you actually want.


If you ever get a chance to smoke some bud with your folks, try it. There is a pretty high chance of them telling you how they used to enjoy it in their days. But now, they don’t seem to tolerate it as much. 

Now, before you assume that they aren’t as cool as you, understand that it may be their age that is becoming an obstacle for them. It is quite true that your age has a surprising role in how you feel the effects of marijuana. 

As per a study conducted in 2007 on some lab rats, there is a link between age and cannabis. In this study, the adolescent rats were able to tolerate cannabis in a much better way as compared to adult rats. In adult rats, the signs of anxiety, stress, and overall problem in movements were more prominent.

Having said that, there is still a requirement for more in-depth research on the relationship between age and cannabis.


The research on humans tells us that no two people are exactly similar. And given this, the tolerance toward the herb is also different in different individuals. The age, as we just read, is a factor that affects a person’s tolerance toward cannabis. But it isn’t the only factor. In fact, there are many biological things that have an effect on how a person tolerates marijuana. These include how frequently they consume it, the body’s metabolism rate, gender, any medical condition, and how long the person has been smoking.

Having said that, before you get a medical marijuana card for yourself, it may help if you experiment a little and figure out how tolerant your body is toward marijuana. This way you can get an idea of how much you’ll be needing to manage your medical condition.

In the end, it is you who can determine how much marijuana you should consume so that it is medically effective as well as doesn’t overpower you.