In times when jobs are not secure and essentials have become a luxury, every single penny saved can make a difference. You need to devise ways that can help you fight the financial crunch effectively. To give you some hope, cannabis can help you save enough through the pandemic. People rely on cannabis just like every other essential. So regular restocking may add up to the already swelling bills. But you can save some extra costs right now. 

Begin by applying for 420 evaluations online or in your nearest licensed clinic. A MMJ cardholder has several perks including exemption of sales tax. It helps a lot when you are looking for savings with cannabis. 

If you’ve applied or own a card already, good for you. Now read along and see how you can save money with cannabis during COVID-19. 

Use according to need not desire

Doctor holding CBD Oil

It’s very common for people to go overboard with cannabis whether accidentally or because of greed. But either way is not going to help your wallet. 

While the first scenario can be corrected by following proper steps of micro dosing, the second one needs self-control more than anything. After regular use, some people get into the habit of consuming cannabis all day. That’s because the high, euphoric feeling is addictive. In other cases, people overestimate their tolerance and consume more than needed. That sinks in as a habit and your bank account bears the burden.

The truth here is that you are walking the path of desire. If you consume according to your dose, you’ll have the same effects but with an additional benefit of money savings. So if you feel that you are stoned all day and excessively dependent on marijuana, it’s time to step back a little. 

Schedule your sessions or better yet try taking a tolerance break. Once you start walking away from desire, you’ll have a longer use out of your regular stock and save money.

Be selfish

Yes, you read that right. If you wish to save money on cannabis, it’s time to be selfish. Cannabis is often used as a means to socialize. If you are a long time cannabis consumer, you must know of the ‘puff, puff and pass’ mantra. And even in a group of people, sharing is the basic etiquette to follow. Sharing of stash, edibles, joint, vape pens and every cannabis related thing you may have. But no more.

You are financially struggling? Have isolated sessions. Or let others get their own stuff. Besides, sharing in the time of COVID-19 is risky. Going by the guidelines of the World Health Organization, sharing increases the risk of contraction and transmission of COVID-19. 

So for the sake of your finances and your health, it’s best to choose being selfish over sharing.

Grow yourself a marijuana plant

Grow Cannabis

What if I tell you that you’ll never have to buy marijuana ever again? That’s a lot of savings right? Well, this isn’t a dream but a possible reality. Grow your own marijuana and you’ll never have to order your stock again. 

In the time of COVID-19, a lot of people have opted to grow their own cannabis at home. Looking at the perilous state of the outside world and the short supply of essentials, a cannabis plant is in fact a great idea. An initial investment is needed for seeds or plants, fertilizers and other requirements. And if you have an outdoor setting, the cost lowers as nature looks after most of the needs of the plant. All you need to do after that is keep a regular check on its growth. Once it matures, you’ll have an unlimited supply that can be consumed in whatever way you prefer.

Cook edibles at home 

Edibles can be more costly than other cannabis products. If you consume edibles, you’ll know. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t save money. Get your apron and start cooking edibles at home. It’s much cheaper and offers variety too. 

Buy a strain of your choice and grind it finely. Learn how to decarboxylate it at home and then start cooking. You can also use your already vaped weed for edibles. It’s already decarboxylated and can be used as it is for any recipe you like.

So which method are you going to use to save money with cannabis? Let me know. And if you find it useful, help others save money too by spreading the word.