Despite the ease in lockdown restrictions, words like quarantine and social distancing are still used in everyday jargon. All thanks to the pandemic that took the world by surprise a few months ago. Now that we have entered the second phase of the virus with millions of people still battling it’s after effects, there are some things that we cannot ignore. 

For instance, wearing masks, staying socially distanced from neighbors and friends, working from home as long as possible, and going in self-isolation if it’s imperative. In these crucial times navigating through uncharted waters can be really difficult at times. However, cannabis can help you fight the quarantine blues. For people who have a medical marijuana card cannabis is a necessity but for recreational users, it can add a nice flavor to the boring quarantine days. 

So, how do you fight the quarantine blues while stuck at home? I am sure you have your own ways to help escape the bland quarantine days. Here are some ideas that will work in tandem with a cannabis high and keep you away from the pandemic stress. 

Note: These ideas are fit for people who consume cannabis. If you are a newbie make sure you surround yourself with friends and go small before trying a highly potent strain. As far as medical cannabis users are concerned, they must stick to the dosing guide and advice provided by the doctor. 

Run A Netflix Marathon


There’s nothing better than a Netflix marathon. Good content, movies, TV series, and documentaries – everything available to you within the comfort of your homes. You can make a list of movies you did not have time to watch. Take a break from the work from the home schedule and sit down to watch a classic you’ve been putting off for a long time. The only exception is that all these movies will become more fun to watch when you get stoned. 

So, pick your daily dose of entertainment carefully and make sure that you watch something interesting. An interesting watch like a classical from the Elizabethan period. All I am saying is that you have to be creative while picking a movie or TV series. If you do not relate to classical movies, pick anything that interests you. After all, it’s your Netflix marathon. Also, do not watch anything that brings disturbing thoughts. Like a horror movie or a very sad documentary. You are up in the clouds to have some fun and relax your mind and body, might as well watch something funny and jolly. 

Enjoy Indulging

Women Eating Cupcake

Cannabis has the power to amplify everything and whatever you experience under its influence will definitely make a strong impression. This is to say that cannabis can put our stressed mind at ease. However, don’t forget to take a guided dose, especially the one that works perfectly well for you. You see, an overdose can ruin the entire experience. More vitally eat a little before you indulge in cannabis-related activities. That said, go a little extra and pamper yourself while cannabis will help amplify the entire experience. 

Start by doing something that helps you feel nice in your skin. It can be anything from a face cleansing routine to a mani-pedi or a simple face mask. You can even have a nice warm bubble bath while you are under the influence of cannabis. Don’t forget to amp up the entire experience by adding some salts and music to your bathing experience. While drawing the bath ensure that you create an atmosphere of a spa. There’s nothing better than a spa after a dreadful and hectic day. Also, if you do not feel like putting so much effort, slip into something comfortable and sleep peacefully. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal

Man Putting Dinner Into Microwave

Only if you like cooking. This tip may not interest people who do not cook but it will definitely help you keep the cannabis munchies away. While you are enjoying a blissful high, start preparing your favorite meal. I am sure you will find cooking more interesting while you are up in the clouds. You can be creative while cooking your meals and try something that waters your mouth instantly. 

This is something very unpredictable but also a perfect time to use the utensils lying aimlessly on the kitchen counter. If you think you cannot cook something lavish and delicious, just go with basic food items that are easy to cook. Noodles and a cup of hot chocolate will go a long way. Not only this but this tip will ensure that you are happy and your stomach no longer craves munchies. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that do not try to cook something that is out of your league. You might just end up making a mess difficult to clean. 

Find Your Creative Potential

Girl With Colors On Hand

It’s not like you have a lot to do during these days. Your traveling plans have to sit on the back burner for a long time. So, might as well do something interesting such as exploring your creative side while sitting at home. It’s not a bad idea and with a package of strains that you purchased with the help of a medical marijuana card, the experience will become even more fun. All you have to do is tap into the creative self and figure out what you love to do. It can be something as simple as sketching, painting, or DIYs you spend hours watching on the internet. 

You can also pick an instrument that you are too shy to play. Interestingly, no one will judge you or pass comments because you are a little high in your room without an audience. Even if you are bad at it, who cares as long as you are happily playing an instrument you always wanted to. In the case of other creative activities, go ahead, and explore your potential with the same spirit. You can undertake many endeavors and express yourself through creativity. The only exception is: people who do not like art and I am sure I have never come across one, So, pick one creative endeavor and start enjoying learning it while you are under the influence of a highly potent strain.  

Try Some Yoga And Meditation

Girl Doing Yoga

Interestingly this tip is a given. There are so many yoga studios out there. Some encourage getting high while practicing yoga and meditation. And trust me many people prefer doing yoga while they are high. You can do the same safely from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is type yoga exercises on Google search and you will come across several YouTube yoga tutorials. You can even customize your workout according to your requirements.    

After all, we will be staying at home a lot lately and you will procrastinate a lot about exercises and other things. So, give yoga a try and learn how it perfectly fits with cannabis. If yoga is not your go-to morning routine, you can always pick some other exercise routines such as Zumba, Pilates, and whatever you like. 

We all know that we are going through crucial times. You may feel anxious and a little out of place and in my personal opinion, it’s okay to feel the same. But the cannabis strain you bought with the help of a medical marijuana card can come handy when stress levels rise. Cannabis has therapeutic properties and it has helped several people relax their nerves. If you feel anxious, bored, and stressed, all you have to do is pick any of the entertaining tips given above while you make yourself a cannabis mocktail.