Do you know how to check the quality of your cannabis bud? Medical marijuana doctors in Fullerton suggest a few ways to do that. Let’s have a look.

Cannabis has become a real trend nowadays. A lot of people are now consuming it for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. But are you really consuming good quality cannabis?

Now, some people may ask why to worry when we are buying from a good source. It’s not like we are living in the 20th century. Cannabis is legal now. And we are not getting it from the black market from where we cannot be sure of the quality.

Well, I totally agree with you. We are not living in ancient times now. And the cannabis we get from dispensaries and other trusted sources goes through a very rigorous quality check. The process is, in fact, even stricter in the case of medical cannabis. And why not? It’s being used for keeping you healthy, after all.

However, medical marijuana doctors in Fullerton say that there may be a few instances where you may need to check the quality of your cannabis yourself. For instance, say if you have a bud sitting in your kitchen cabinet for a very long time. How can you be sure it hasn’t molded? For that you should know how to check its quality.

Furthermore, even if you are buying from a dispensary, in the end, it is a business. And if it is not a very reputable place, the budtender may try to send you home with an old piece of bud that’s been sitting on the shelves for very long. In that case, too, you should be able to identify a good bud from bad.

But how exactly you can do that?

Let’s figure this out.


There is no need to explain why “looking” is the first thing on this list. When you get your hands on your cannabis, the first thing you do is to have a look. Now, when you do that, make sure you check a few specific things. These include:


Colored Cannabis Bud

A good cannabis bud usually has a very rich green color. However, it may also have some other colors, such as orange, purple, blue, yellow, or red, depending upon the type of strain you are looking at.

But make sure your bud isn’t brown and too dry. This type of cannabis isn’t worth a single penny. A brown colored bud may contain a lot of mold, chemicals, or pesticides. And thus, it’s never a good idea to consume this type of bud. It can potentially harm you.


You should also check your bud for trichomes, which you can easily see on your flower’s surface. Make sure your product has a lot of them.

But why are these so important?

A majority of your bud’s cannabinoids are actually present in these trichomes only. This means the more trichomes your flower has, the more potent it will be. And the more potent it will be, the more benefits it will provide you with.

Leaves and Hairs

While checking your bud quality, look if it has leaves and hairs. A bud with too many leaves may not be as good, quality-wise. It may mean you have more fluff than potent cannabis.

However, if your bud has little hairs on the ends, it may mean it is of a very good quality. The more the hairs, the better the quality.


A good quality bud should be somewhat sticky, and not dry. So, if your cannabis feels too dry, it probably isn’t a very good sign. You should note that a good quality bud is a little dry, but more sticky. And so, while buying cannabis, you should look for an appropriate balance. Make sure your cannabis isn’t so dry that it turns to dust when you try to grind it.

Medical marijuana doctors in Fullerton say that sometimes you may also find a product that is just moist or soggy, rather than sticky. And that also is a mark of bad quality. So, make sure you avoid that too.

You should also check if you feel any grittiness or sand in your bud. If so, the batch is probably contaminated. You may even place a little of it in your mouth to check for some grainy particles. However, make sure you don’t place too much in your mouth if you think the product isn’t good. You must also avoid swallowing it until you are sure of its quality.


Now that we are talking about placing the bud in your mouth, we can’t forget about its taste, obviously. The flavor of your cannabis bud can also tell you a lot about the quality of your bud.

When you place your bud in your mouth, check if it tastes like a chemical. And if so, you must not consume it. This also works in the case of edibles. If the taste of your edibles is somewhat unnatural, you shouldn’t risk any more contamination.

In the case of smoke, make sure you are getting a strong, natural flavor.

A tip though: Do not taste your cannabis unless you have checked it thoroughly using the above-mentioned methods.

Smoke and Smell

Women Smoking Cannabis

Smell is also a very important thing you need to check while buying cannabis for yourself. A good quality bud, you should keep in mind, will never smell like chemicals. So, if you light up a joint and smell something unusual, it may be because your bud is tainted.

To avoid consuming a bad quality cannabis, you should check the smell of your bud beforehand. You may check it before even lighting it up. However, sometimes you may not be able to smell the chemicals until you ignite it.

You should also check if the smoke feels more harsh than usual. It’s very easy to find out if you consume on a regular basis. And even easier if you consume the same strain always. So, in case you are coughing a bit too much while smoking, it may mean you are up with a low-quality bud.

The Final Tips

As I said earlier, no matter where you buy your cannabis from, you can’t be 100 percent sure of its quality. However, you should prefer getting it from a trusted source only. This way the chances of getting a tainted product will be a lot less. Look for a reputable dispensary in your area, and buy from there only.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that always buy products that have a contamination label on them. In a lot of states, the rules have been introduced suggesting manufacturers need to label their products correctly. So, if you are living in such a state, don’t buy cannabis without a contamination label.

This was all you needed to know about how to find if your bud is of good quality or not. And now, you can go for it without any trouble. Whenever you go for a cannabis session, make sure you are consuming a good quality product. And last but not the least, always be responsible.