In these crucial times, most people have taken refuge in cannabis. The reason why some states of the US have seen a tremendous rise in sales over the past few months. All thanks to the essential business status. Since marijuana businesses were deemed essential both medical marijuana users and recreational users have binged bought cannabis. Looks like Americans are consuming some or the other form of cannabis to keep the quarantine blues at bay. Be it CBD oil for chronic pain or a tiny gummy bear to help relax your nerves. Surely a cannabis edible is a perfect way to enter the cannabis fantasyland. However, a large bite of that gummy can take into a topsy-turvy realm. To save you from the trouble, below are some tips that will ensure you stay on the right track. But, before we begin here is one vital thing you need to learn. 

Cannabis in some or the other way has served the purpose of companionship during the pandemic. That said, let us not forget that cannabis is also used for various medical reasons. There are more than 3.7 million cannabis users nationwide and most of them use a medical marijuana card to get cannabis for state-licensed dispensaries. If you need a medical card to avail of medicinal cannabis, make sure you first search for medical marijuana card doctors near your state and then get a recommendation. Without further ado let’s begin. 

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1. Beginners Should Start Small  

There is a reason why regulatory authorities run campaigns on marijuana edibles. It helps people, especially cannabis users to learn about its proper usage. For instance, the campaigns will talk about the quantity of THC infused in an edible. It can vary anywhere from 5-10 mg and for a novice user, 5mg of THC should suffice the requirements. Also, you should be aware of the fact that cannabis edibles work differently than other forms of cannabis products. While sublingual shows its effects instantly, edibles may take up to 3 or 4 hours to unveil its magic. Perhaps why most novice users eat more than required and suffer the consequences. 

Additionally, starting small will help you experience the right hit. You will not feel nauseated or out of place. If the high is not strong enough for you, there’s always an option of consuming another dose. But, make sure you read the label and see the amount of THC infused in the edible. Even if you make edibles at home, do not add more than 5mg of THC for each serving. You see a higher dose can ruin the first experience for you. So, start small and stay on the right track. 

2. Be Patient

Cannabis Edibles

Before consuming marijuana edibles you have to understand the science behind it. You see edibles are consumed in the form of food. Just like food digestion, marijuana edibles are also digested and the process takes up to 2-3 hours. As soon as the process of digestion is complete, THC travels through the blood to different parts of your body and the effects start showing up. Since your body has to digest the edibles before it’s psychoactive effects take hold, you might get impatient. And, it’s quite possible that you might not feel anything for up to three or four hours. However, if you are patient and let the edible do its job, you might feel quite satisfied and relaxed at the end of it all.

3. All Highs Are Not Equal

Understanding the levels of a high can take you a long way. It will help you learn how THC works and what can you do to stay away from the dark side of an overdose. Scientifically speaking, when edibles metabolize, they produce a higher form of THC. In other words, when you eat an edible, it travels to the liver where the process of metabolization takes place. During this process, a bigger psychoactive form of THC is formed. This higher form of THC travels through the blood and doubles the psychoactive effect. On the other hand, when you smoke cannabis, THC enters the blood plasma directly. The reason why you feel an instant high that lasts a short span of time. So, when you consume an edible, the heightened form of THC causes a powerful effect that can last longer than 10 hours. 

4. Select Your Edible Carefully

There is a wide range of cannabis edibles out there. From marijuana truffles to granola bars and cannabis-infused hummus, you can choose your edible carefully. The reason behind the careful selection is that cannabis edibles are divided into two categories. The first category includes foods like brownies, candies, pills, and cookies. These types of edibles are metabolized in the liver. Whereas, the second category of edibles come in the form of lollipops, sublingual drops, and gums. In this case, the effect will take place through the saliva and you will feel the effects instantly. The former works slowly and lasts longer. The latter works faster and the effects wear off quite quickly. Plus, ask yourself: How do you want your edible to work for you? 

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5. Eat Before You Get High

Cannabis Chocolate

You might be wondering why eat before consuming an edible? Well, the answer is quite simple. You see, most edibles release THC in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the effects are stranger on an empty stomach than a full one. So, it makes sense to eat before consuming an edible. After all, the facts of THC are quite powerful even on a full stomach. So, why allow THC to ruin your entire experience? Be wise and eat a little before you take a bite of cannabis-infused brownie or cookie.  

6. Be Wary Of Your Source 

The marijuana industry is still dealing with a lot of problems. All thanks to its illegal status on the federal level. However, there are larger issues that concern the authorities. For instance, quality control for edibles. Every now and then we get reports regarding the poor quality of products. Some emerge from the black market while others have been wrongly labeled. This is to say that the quality of cannabis products is still in its infancy and not all cannabis providers give lab reports. You might purchase a packet of gummies saying that it contains 5mg per serving but, in reality, the CBD: THC ratio may vary. 

So, you need a lab report to confirm the ratio and the truth behind it. The companies that provide you a lab report are someone you can trust. This also means that the product is coming from a trustworthy source. You’re not acting suspicious, you are just being smart. 

7. Enjoy With Your Friends

I am sure by now you have gathered that cannabis edibles are highly potent. So, make sure you get high with your friends. This way even if you feel a little out of place, you will have someone beside you to take care of the situation. Also, save your first edible experience for a place and company that makes you feel comfortable. In other words, Netflix, a good company, and lots of laughter. 

8. Keep Your Edibles Away From Children

Be a little cautious and hide your precious gummy bears or candies from children. You see the shape and structure of the candies are quite similar to the candies children eat in general. So, it’s quite likely for them to confuse edible candy with normal candy. This is why you have to do the right thing – hide away anything that contains THC from the sight and reach of children.